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London hotels

The city of London has over 153 lodges, from five star hotels to hostels or small hotels. Prices range between 400 and 50 pounds.

There are several tips every tourist should be acquainted with before choosing accommodation in London. This is so, especially because many times the price of the room is no synonym of good service, hygiene and comfort. For instance, excellent rural lodges are pretty much on fashion nowadays, and they are just a couple of minutes far from the city. They are looked after by families, and prices are quite convenient. It is important to bear certain factors, in mind, that may either benefit or prejudice us (depending on the case) when looking for satisfactory accommodation:


Most tourists arriving in London without reservations, go and seek accommodation within the city. Whether they spend an hour or two, that is the cost they will pay for the accommodation. The trouble of accepting the first place we see, will solve everything all too quickly. We will, however, pay an overcharge we could have otherwise avoided. When having more than one option, one can compare prices and make a better choice.

Before going to the first place, ask several people if they know a good and inexpensive hotel. If you wish to rent a flat, make sure that you explain the estate agent clearly which your necessities and economic availability are. Sometimes, not clarifying things in advance, leads to visiting too costly flats, or what is even worse, extremely cheap and in bad conditions and, given our hurry, we hire them all the same, without noticing that there may be others in better conditions and probably less expensive.

You can also resort to a travel agency. Generally, this places are funded by the local government and they do not accept gifts or publicity from companies, reason why they will give you a good panorama of the hotels the city has, without favouring any in particular. As you most probably will not wish to spend your very first day visiting lodges, it is better to go straight to the source with a clear idea of what you want. The travel agency is the ideal place. There you will be given a list of places that suit your needs and travel agents will fix a circuit in order to avoid touring around the city and wasting time.

London accommodation


Accommodation prices are divided into high and low season. High season is always the best time to visit the city, either because the climate is ideal or because an important event takes place during those days. It is important that you bear in mind one detail. There is a trick for those willing to visit London during high season: booking with plenty of time. You will therefore need to plan ahead and know several months in advance which will be your destination, when you will travel and for how long. You will thus be able to make your reservations and get discounts.

Finding no accommodation may be another drawback if you decide to travel during high season. All hotels are full and only those places the rest of the people are not willing to stay at are available, that is :the worst. Besides, they will not be inexpensive either given that everyone will be aware of the hurry and necessity of tourists to find a place where to spend the night. Consequently, planning ahead is always the best resource a traveler can have to be able to secure his holiday accommodation at a good price and in a good place.

Group travel

Whether with your family, friends or in couples, traveling to London in groups can make much of the difference. Although hotels are not the case, many other lodges, such as cottages, flats and houses for rent, are. This places usually charge for the capacity rather than per person. Thus, a couple staying in a big cottage will end up paying the same as a group of friends and more than a hotel stay.

However, for friends or relatives traveling together this lodges are the great solution. Naturally, the overall fee will be quite above the price charged individually in a hotel. But if it is divided by the people traveling in the group, each one will end up spending far less.


If you are the sort of person who likes to have everything solved, package tours may be your best choice. Though they have a reputation for being expensive, many have affordable prices and a wide range of options to add: excursions, transportation, tourist guides and other traveler services. If you compare this packages fares you will realize that they may be cheaper than an independent trip and they will also include other activities apart from the stay. However, it would be good if you checked with several companies before hiring these services, in this way you will always obtain the best quality at the lowest price.

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